Puerto Nuevo will provide port services to the general public, including the activities of unloading of railcars, the storage of coal, the loading of ships, services to the cargo and all those typical of a port operator with railway facilities. 


Services to the ships and land services to the cargo 24 hours, 24/7*.

*Excluding special holidays:

Christmas (From 15:00 hours of the 24th of December until 09:00 hours of the 26th of December); New Year (From 15:00 hours of the 31st of December until 09:00 hours of the 2nd of January); Good Friday (From 15:00 hours of Maundy Thursday until 09:00 hours of Saturday).



Port Operation Rules, approved by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), by Resolution No. 228 of 2020.

Download the Operation Technical Condition Rules. Click here:



Pursuant to Resolution 2734 of 2013, Puerto Nuevo enacted the Access Policy that governs the conditions to be met by the users to access the port’s services.

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Requirements of the ships for the Use of Puerto Nuevo

For a ship to be accepted at Puerto Nuevo, it must confirm that meets the following requirements:

1. The ship must not be older than twenty (20) years.

2. The ship must be insured with P&I (Protection and Indemnity) insurance and comply with the ISPS Code and the ISM Code.

3. The ship must comply with the minimum requirements established by Puerto Nuevo in respect to the risk rating granted by Rightship or following international standards; this information will be published in Puerto Nuevo’s website.

4. The ship can unballast only waters from the Caribbean Sea and the Central Atlantic, in the terms established in the Law and in the regulations issued by the Maritime Authorities.

5. If it is a ship with Cranes, it must previously coordinate its compatibility with the loading conditions of the port.

6. The ship must have a Safety Management Certificate and a valid copy of the Document of Compliance issued in the terms of the ISM Code.

7. The ship must carry an International Ship Security Certificate as well as all other certificates and requirements established by the OMI.

8. The ship must be equipped with barriers or other adequate methods to prevent the transit of rats between the ship and the dock.

9. The ship cannot be vetoed or catalogued as substandard under any recognized international organization, nor be on the list of ships that have been considered by Puerto Nuevo as incompatible or unsafe to load in the port.

10. The ship, or its owner, cannot be or have been included in the lists of the U. S. Treasury, the European Union, the United Nations or any other official entity governing or applicable international executing sanctions, as amended from time to time.

11. The ship owner, directly or through its Shipping Agent is responsible for the payment of all the fees and rates of Puerto Nuevo, and the money must have been received prior to the arrival of the ship in order to authorize the mooring and the cargo services.

12. Any additional cost arising from or related to the services to be provided by Puerto Nuevo to the ship (including but not limited to the conditions of arrival and the inspection of the Ship) must be exclusively paid by the ship and / or the Shipping Agent.


Cargo Rates

Cargo size (MT)

Guaranteed volume (Tons per WWD)

25,000 to 35,000


35,001 to 50,000


50,001 to 70,000


70,001 to 90,000


90,001 to 120,000


120,001 to 150,000


Over 150,001



Loading Sequence

The ship’s captain must: (i) timely submit the Loading and Sequence Plan to PNSA in any case, before seventy-two (72) hours prior to the Ship's ETA and (ii) reach an agreement with PNSA on the definitive Loading and Sequence Plan forty-eight (48) hours prior to the docking of the Ship.

The loading sequence must consider a maximum of two sweeps pee cargo hold and a maximum trimming of two holds, The ships will be loaded according to the Captain’s requirements, under his / her supervision and responsibility , and according to the terms agreed upon by Puerto Nuevo and the captain, which must include the amount of coal. All the coal contained on the conveyor belts must be deposited in the ship upon the termination of the loading process. If there is any event that alters the loading plan and sequence, the ship’s captain must inform Puerto Nuevo as soon as practicable.

Click here to download the loading sequence form.




Puerto Nuevo receives the coal free from contamination of stones, clay, metals, rocks, garbage or any other type of foreign material.

The port shall not receive cargo with temperatures and granullometry that exceed the maximum values allowed by the industrial safety rules applicable.

Puerto Nuevo will receive the cargo in the times established in Puerto Nuevo’s Operation Technical Condition Rules. The cargo must be delivered to Puerto Nuevo no earlier than 1 week and no later than 6 hours before the ETA of the ship associated to that cargo.

If the cargo has not been received or if it has not been completed in that time, Puerto Nuevo has the right to: (i) change the ships’ loading order; (ii) charge demurrages; (iii) charge the storage fee associated to that cargo, (iv) and deduct the wait due to lack of the cargo from the operating time.






  Description Unit Rate (USD)
  1. Wharfage        
  1.1 Cargo ships per meter, per length, per hour 0,55  
  1.2 Permanent berthing        
  1.2.1 Tugs per unit, per month or per fraction 1.000  
  1.2.2 Small craft per unit, per month or per fraction 100  
  2. Use of facilities        
  2.1 Shiploading per ton loaded 4,50  
  2.2 Maritime operator per ton loaded 1,00  
  2.3 Onshore operator per ton loaded 0,20  
  2.4 Tug operator per maneuver per tug 90,00  
  2.5 Pilots per maneuver   50,00  
    Discount for use facilities for shiploading Min Max    
    tonnes per year -- 500.000 0%  
    tonnes per year 500.001 1.000.000 3%  
    tonnes per year 1.000.001 2.500.000 6%  
    tonnes per year 2.500.001 5.000.000 8%  
    tonnes per year 5.000.001 7.500.000 10%  
    tonnes per year 7.500.001 10.000.000 12%  
    tonnes per year 10.000.001 12.500.000 15%  
    tonnes per year 12.500.001 15.000.000 20%  
    tonnes per year 15.000.001 17.500.000 30%  
    tonnes per year 17.500.001 20.000.000 40%  
    tonnes per year 20.000.001   50%  
  3. Storage        
    Day 1 to 365 usd/ton-day   Free  
    Day 366+ usd/ton-day   0,30  
  4. Public services        
    Non potable fresh water supply per ton   5.00  
    Connection to the power network ( permanent berthing) per KWhr   0,20  
    Removal of sludge, waste per operation   85,00  
    Stores supply charge per operation   115,00  



The safety rules for the facilities, the cargo and the ship are the ones established in the ISPS Code and those required by the Customs Authority to the Free – trade zone.

The persons or workers of companies registered with Puerto Nuevo, as well as any user, will be responsible for the infractions and have the obligation to see to the instructions given by the port in compliance with its function as manager in the terms of the Operation Technical Condition Rules and the law.

Puerto Nuevo can take measures to prevent and sanction such infractions.