A public service port for the export of coal


The company called Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Nuevo S.A. operates and manages the Puerto Nuevo port facility, located in the municipality of Ciénaga, department of Magdalena.

Puerto Nuevo is a public – service port dedicated to the handling and export of coal using a direct loading system to load the coal onto the ships, which allows minimizing the mineral’s transfer points as it is transported directly from the stockpiling yard to the ship’s cargo hold, using encapsulated conveyor belts.

The port is capable of loading vessels with a size between 30.000 DWT (Dead Weight Tons) and up to 182.500 DWT. It started with a handling capacity of 21,4 million tons per year, and as a result of subsequent improvement plans and additional capital investments, the port is now capable to handle up to 25.7 million tons of coal per year approximately, to be exported to the markets in Americas, Europe and Asia.

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